Why Choose YHHA?

At Yorkshire and Humber Healthcare Alliance, we have a specialised and fully-trained team who understand the importance of a trusting and kind environment. We are a newly formed alliance, but we have a dedicated team who can support people at all stages of their lives, whether it is illnesses or difficulties at home.

Who We Are?

At Yorkshire and Humber Healthcare Alliance (YHHA), we are a specialised care provider with a team of fully qualified and experienced nurses.
We are a newly formed alliance but our main aim is to provide kindness and compassion throughout every service and cater to each person’s needs from companionship to complex health requirements. Our fully trained and trusted team are fully DBS checked and can support people at all stages of their lives, whether it is illnesses or difficulties at home.

The YHHA Team

The YHHA team want to make a difference in the lives of those in their care; they are also are experienced and receive regular training to be able to provide specialised care in the community. Our staff members are highly trained within the industry and are committed to upholding our company values when providing our range of services. We strive to carry out all our care services with a strong focus on complete client satisfaction and involve the client throughout the care process.

Quality Home Care From YHHA

Providing quality home care to people throughout Yorkshire and Humber is our main aim; we pride ourselves on placing our clients at the heart of everything we do. When it comes to quality home care, you’re looking for a service that supports you to live as independently as possible. At YHHA, we strive to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for our clients and carers; home care will allow your loved ones to keep some control of their life.

Why Choose Us for Home Care Services?


Our commitment to our clients is the foundation of our service; we take great pride when going above and beyond our clients ‘normal’ requirements. Within each of our services, we constantly strive to help your family member stay independent within the comfort of their own home. With a safe and reassuring environment, we can make the extra effort to ensure relationships are made between our nurses, carers and clients.


With years of experience providing home care services, our team have a deep insight into what is needed to support people within their own home. We will respect the individual requirements for people’s privacy at all times and treat your information in the most confidential way. We understand that choosing care for a relative can be a daunting one, as you may be making the decision yourself or doing it on behalf of a family member.


Our aim within our services is to provide full support to our clients whilst always putting them first and helping them with their requirements. We ensure all clients are treated fairly and feel like they belong, we will often go above and beyond what you might expect. By putting you and your family at the centre of our services, we can provide you with the specialised home care intervention that you need.

Specialist Care

Our staff are equipped with the skills and experience to deliver high-quality care which will help someone live an independent life. Our aim is to allow people to live the best possible life by providing peace of mind and empathy when they need it most. We ensure our specialist home care services support the overall well-being of each client, all in the comfort of their own home.

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