Companionship Services

At Yorkshire & Humber Healthcare Alliance, we aim to help older people across Leeds and Yorkshire continue living a full life in their own homes. One of our team can visit your loved one as often as is needed to offer support and add that all-important human element to their day. A friendly face that provides human interaction and support is often crucial to happiness and wellbeing.

Helping to overcome loneliness

According to Age UK, there are nearly a million older people in the UK who often spend a month alone, without speaking to anyone? At YHHA, we know how important spending quality time with somebody is to older people who live alone. Most of the time, we offer some extra support and companionship to help loved ones and family members feel less lonely and ensure they have someone there to talk to when they need to.

Our team will get to know each individual when providing our support companionship service; we will take the time to understand your life, interests and what is most important to you. Loneliness and isolation have become huge problems for the elderly population; health studies state that they are both associated with health issues such as depression, sleep problems, stress and mental health problems.

Why Choose Support Companionship?

At YHHA, our support companionship services are designed around each individual; we get to know each person, what they like, their hobbies, and more. Our service can include having a coffee and a chat, visiting a garden centre and gardening, going shopping, providing support on medical appointments, learning how to use a smartphone or tablet, or even starting a hobby. Our support companionship service is tailored to each person, but our main focus is to make life a little easier, especially when you have a companion there to help. Having someone there to chat to and be with can make a great difference to your quality of life; we want your loved ones to live the life they deserve.

Benefits of the YHHA Support Companionship Service

Whatever the companionship you need, our carers will always be there to help, no matter how much or how little help you need. Our service is 100% tailored to each individual; we work with you to create a plan which incorporates daily goals and personal interests, ensuring your loved one receives the care they deserve.
We believe that nobody should feel isolated, which is why we provide a dedicated support companionship service, one of our carers can support you with daily activities that are often crucial to your loved one’s wellbeing. At YHHA, our team will be there for your family member, not just for emotional support, but we can also help around the home and provide live-in support should it be required.

Contact YHHA

If you would like more information about our care services, why not get in touch with Yorkshire and Humber Healthcare Alliance? You can call us via 0113 262 1866 or email us via [email protected].