Palliative Care Services

If your parent or loved one has been told that they will need end of life care, also known as palliative care, we can provide support to enable you and your family to make the appropriate choices. Palliative care includes providing treatment to manage pain and other physical symptoms resulting from a terminal or complex illness.

At Yorkshire and Humber Healthcare Alliance, we believe people have a right to choose where to spend the last days; for many, this will be at home in familiar surroundings. Within our Palliative care service, we provide specialist and professional support; we want you to have full reassurance that we can take care of your loved one.

Retain Quality of Life

Putting your loved one’s care in our hands can be daunting; however, we are able to develop a custom health plan to ensure specific needs are met, and both you and your loved one are entirely comfortable. Palliative home care is becoming a more and more popular option among those looking to stay in their home environment during their final years or months, without disruption or upheaval. The type of care we focus on enables us to provide physical and emotional support to someone living with a terminal illness; our main objective is to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. We aim to help you achieve the best quality of life for your loved ones whilst supporting you during this emotional period of time.

Why Choose YHHA Palliative Care Service?

At YHHA, we have years of experience and expertise when providing compassionate, dedicated palliative care services to people living with a range of complex conditions.
We base our service on empathy and compassion to be able to provide a tailored care package that includes you and your loved one’s requirements.
Beyond the physical support we offer, we will help to maintain a comfortable environment, with light housekeeping duties if necessary.
The length of time that is required for our specialist care may vary, but we will provide our service based on your personalised care plan.

Supporting Your Family

Included within our palliative care service, our team will strive to make sure you are comfortable with the care provided. We also communicate and support you and your family throughout this difficult time; we understand the need for extra emotional support or even respite time to process the situation. We also offer a respite care service, which can benefit you and your family, especially when providing palliative care at home, which allows you to take an emotional break or have some time for yourself for as long as you need. Our service involves directing people to the relevant people for chaplaincy, bereavement support and financial support, should it be required.

Contact YHHA

If you would like more information about our care services, why not get in touch with Yorkshire and Humber Healthcare Alliance? You can call us via 0113 262 1866 or email us via [email protected].