As members of YHHA, it is our purpose, our vocation and our mission to provide the highest standards of healthcare, wherever it is needed. It is for this very reason that YHHA was created. Indeed, at YHHA, we may be described as being all ‘HEART’:


We deal with every aspect of the healthcare staffing process, including: vetting; screening; assessing; training; coaching; understanding the work context; arranging work placements; monitoring staff progress during their work placement; taking any follow up actions required, post placement. In short, we do it all, so there’s no need for you to go anywhere else for any of your healthcare staffing needs.


As healthcare professionals, we will be in a position to reach an understanding of your particular needs and set of circumstances very quickly. We are also very well placed to source any type of suitably qualified healthcare professional, even at very short notice. In addition, we will also prepare staff that we assign to you, as far as possible, to meet with the demands peculiar to your organisation, to ensure that they will fit seamlessly into your own work force.


We recognize that, by the very nature of healthcare, those working within this sector often have to deal with one crisis after another. Planning therefore often goes out of the window, as situations change rapidly and we are left dealing with urgent matters at hand. We understand this very well. So whether you need trained staff at very short notice, or to make fast changes to your staff cadre, we can respond to those needs, with minimal fuss.


Because we speak your language and understand your needs, whilst knowing each of our candidates in depth, we are in a position to respond quickly and appropriately to any of your healthcare staffing needs. We will ensure that we have fully understood the context of your working environment in order to assign to you the most suitable healthcare staff available.


We are, perhaps, unique, as a healthcare staff provider, in that we provide in-house training and coaching to our candidates. We aim to address any skills or training needs that our candidates may have and we take it upon ourselves to manage our candidates’ career development. This includes proactively acting upon any staff performance feedback that we receive.